Audit Data Analytics offers the following services at extremely reasonable prices!  Analysis is performed in Python, R and MySQL, so there is no software to buy!

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Ad Hoc One-Time Analytics

There is no better way to measure the cost/benefit of data analytics than to try it and see. Let us do the work of acquiring your data and analyzing it for as many fraud and problematic error scenarios as we mutually agree are beneficial to you given both the residual risk of internal controls and the level of detail your data provides to support the analytics.

You get the results! You gain a better understanding of your data! You get to then decide if continuous auditing and monitoring is right for you and worth the investment. You can then use the results to more tightly focus your future planning.

Recurring Analytic Reporting

Once we have run the one-time analytics, what if there are results you like and you want updated results going forward? On a monthly, quarterly and/or annual basis, we will acquire up-to-date data from you and supply you with new results for the analytics. We will even include Power BI graphs so you can track trends over time!

There is no internal system for you to manage and no capital investment is required. Just ship us the data at the regularly scheduled time. 

Statistical Audit Sampling Consultation

Are you performing sales and use tax, financial statement, travel & expense or performance audit sampling to assess control violations or project monetary misstatement of errors in sample to a population?
We’re here to help! Kurt Johnson has a master’s degree in Statistics and has consulted dozens of clients on how to best plan, extract and evaluate audit samples that are statistically sound and meet your sampling objectives.
Doing a performance audit and want to mitigate your chances of finding no errors? We’ve got you covered.
Doing a financial statement audit and want to prove that error in the population is immaterial? We’ve got you covered there, too.

Continuous Auditing Programs

Are you ready to implement a continuous auditing program with automated data retrieval from source systems and subsequent automated analysis of the data to regularly report audit errors? Let Audit Data Analytics put the process in place for you.

We will automate processes to run on a schedule and send email updates as new transaction exceptions are found. Stay up-to-date on problematic errors or fraud issues rather than finding out months after the fact.

Continuous Audit Business Intelligence Reporting (Power BI)

In addition to setting up a continuous auditing program that generates the most at-risk exceptions for your review on a continuous basis, the results can also continuously update and drive Power BI graphics so you can see trends and visual representations of the data, which leads to greater insights.

Analytics Program Assessments

If you are looking to implement a new analytics program or augment a current one, let Audit Data Analytics assess whether you are obtaining the right data and analyzing it using the best possible techniques.

Sometimes it helps to have a fresh set of eyes and a new set of questions. We will scrutinize your data collection methods, discuss control issues with principal business owners and perform ad hoc one-time analytics to help get your program up and running.

Continuous Monitoring Buying Preparation

Continuous monitoring systems can be a particularly expensive undertaking both financially and in terms of your investment of time. Let Audit Data Analytics be your buying friend while you shop, and we will work to enable you to make the best buying decision.

As past implementers of continuous monitoring systems, we can counsel you on the pitfalls to look out for and the best questions to ask during demos. We can provide ad-hoc one-time analytics results to test against the results provided by the continuous monitoring system providers so you can make sure their analysts can toe the line before you buy. We can also help you decide if continuous monitoring is right for you.

Predictive Analytics and Statistical Modelling

At Audit Data Analytics we bring a strong statistical background to performing time series, logistic regression and machine learning techniques to all kinds of situations from audit to marketing to operations.