How to Sort Data with ADA


ADA (Audit Data Assistant) provides you with an easy to use tool for sorting your data.

Using the Sort Dialog

Sort lets you sort data by column in ascending or descending order:

ADA sort data dialog
Sort Grid. The grid shows which columns are being used to sort the data and the order of the column. For instance, in the screenshot above, this data file is being sorted by COUNTRY_CODE in ascending order. Ascending order is the default. To sort in descending order, simply uncheck the checkbox. It is okay to re-use a column in the sort grid if desired, however it will have no effect on the result.

Add and Remove Column Buttons. If you wish to add a column to the sort, click the Add button. To remove a column from the sort, highlight the column of choice and click the Remove button.

Output Name. Name your sorted data file. It will be saved in the project folder with a .parquet extension. Here, the output file with be named sorted zip code data.parquet.

summarize output filename
Formats Supported by Sort

ADA’s Sort utility allows you to filter Parquet data. Parquet is the format ADA uses for storing data files.


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