How to Quick Export Data with ADA


After you’ve analyzed your audit data with ADA (Audit Data Assistant), you will likely want a fast and easy way to export that data to a commonly used format. If this is the case, ADA’s Quick Export has you covered.

Formats Support by Quick Export

ADA’s Quick Export utility allows you to export Parquet files to text delimited files and Excel files. Parquet is the format ADA uses for storing data files.

Location of Exported Files

Files exported by ADA’s Quick Export are saved by default to the current project folder.

Using the Quick Export Dialog

The Quick Export dialog is incredibly simple and easy to use. It gives the full path of the file you’re exporting along with two options: Excel or Text. If you select Text, you can select from a list of separators (also known as delimiters):

Click OK, and the Parquet file you selected is exported in your desired format. Quick Export simply uses the Parquet file’s name to name your exported text or Excel file. For example, the file in the screenshot will be exported to the project folder as Test Data.xlsx.


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