How to Append Data with ADA


ADA (Audit Data Assistant) includes an Append utility to append together data files into one file. Ideally, data files should contain similar data with the same fields, but Append will do its best to combine any data sets together into one file.

Using the Append Dialog

The Append dialog lets you select the files you’d like to append together, specify any criteria for the data, and specify a name for the output file:

File List. When the dialog loads, you will see a list of files in your current project folder. Double-clicking a file will copy it to the Data Files to Append list on the right.

Data Files to Append. This is the list of your files that Append will combine into one output file. When files are moved to this list, they are essentially copied. In the above screenshot you’ll notice that the two files on the right are still in the list on the left. This means you can append files to themselves if you need. If you select a wrong file, just double-click it to remove it from the Data Files to Append list. Files are appended in the top to bottom order of this list.

Criteria. ADA utilities use criteria to filter data. Criteria are powerful formulas that specify the exact data you want. If you wish to filter out orders from Texas or invoices over $1000, criteria can do that.

Here is an example of a formula that filters out only U.S. Data:


You can either type your criteria formula into the box or double-click the box to access the Criteria Editor dialog. For a more comprehensive overview of Criteria, see How to Write Criteria in ADA.

Output Name. Name your appended data file. It will be saved in the project folder with a .parquet extension. Here, the output file with be named Summarize Payables January and February.parquet.

Formats Supported by Append

ADA’s Append utility allows you to append together Parquet data files. Parquet is the format ADA uses for storing data files.


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