ADA 3.0 – Released March 23, 2020


New Features

  • Audit Trail – Generate history of actions performed with datasets in a table form that can easily be exported to text or Excel formats
  • Do-Over – Easily repeat the last analysis you performed


ADA for Windows (~265MB)


ADA for Mac (~532MB)


Notice: If you have issues installing ADA, particularly issues with the installation being blocked by your security or antivirus software, please contact us immediately using either the email address or the phone number at the bottom of the page. If you send an email, please include the version of ADA, what kind of security or antivirus software you are using, and any error messages this software gives you. Screenshots are also incredibly helpful. We will help you get ADA installed and the case information you provide to will be used to work with the security or antivirus vendor to resolve these issues.

Because ADA is open source software, the code is freely available and can be modified by 3rd parties. Audit Data Analytics LLC makes no guarantees of authenticity for ADA installers acquired through any other means than this download page. If your copy of ADA was not acquired here, it is not an officially licensed copy of ADA. We have no control over the code it contains.