Kurt JohnsonKurt Johnson has 9 years of experience conducting audit data analytics projects as Manager of Solutions Development for Audimation Services, Inc., the United States distributor of CaseWare IDEA® audit data analytics software.

With a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics-Economics from Brown University and a Master of Science in Statistics from Texas A&M University, Kurt has held the titles of Quantitative Financial Analyst and Economist for the Federal Reserve Banks of New York and Dallas for 10 years concentrating on economic research applications revolving around risk in payment systems and housing before moving into the area of audit data analytics.

With over 20 years of experience as a mathematical programmer working in a data scientist role, Kurt brings the statistical expertise necessary to provide both top grade statistical sampling advice and effective programming of audit data analytic solutions. After decades of experience in programming SAS, Matlab and Visual Basic IDEAScript, Kurt has turned his attention to programming in Python, R and Excel VBA and has 5 years of experience programming in all three.

Kurt has implemented and maintained 8 continuous monitoring environments for clients in the United States.